Purpose of the Religious Liberty Summit

Religious liberty in this country is under attack and on a daily basis we see the assaults on this most important of rights under our Constitution.  From the forcing of religious citizens and organizations opposed to contraception to participate in unethical insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, to the Internal Revenue Service specifically targeting religious organizations and even to attacks on the right of citizens to speak freely of religion and worship in public, the battle lines have been drawn.  Those attempting to destroy religious liberty for the sake of their secular beliefs are organized, determined and will succeed unless we stand together and fight.

The Religious Liberty Summit is a direct response to this assault.  For many years organizations and individuals have participated in this fight for religious liberty, working tirelessly and expending resources one battle at a time.  As noble as these battles are, as important as these fights may be, unless we join together as a single body, united under this common cause, we stand little chance of turning the cultural shift that is so influenced by the media, academia and liberal politics.

This Summit is the first step in uniting the organizations committed to protecting religious freedom.  The ultimate goal of this Summit is to create a coalition committed to working together for the foreseeable future in this fight for religious liberty.  On September 21, 2013, the leadership of over 50 organizations gathered in Kansas City.  After hearing from speakers on a broad range of religious liberty issues, the delegates at the Summit debated the issues impacting religious liberty and what we need to do as a coalition.  The delegates joined in a united declaration and agreed to create a coalition devote to this cause.  This coalition, based on input from the delegates at the Summit, will act to educate, lobby and advocate for the religious liberty rights of its members.

The Summit has now expanded beyond Kansas City and is prepared to go to any location that desires to hold an event and bring more organizations into this coalition.  The time to join together and fight for freedom is now.





Countdown To Victory

Join together. Fight for freedom.