The Religious Liberty Summit did not end in Kansas City but only started.  The underlying mission of the Summit is to form a coalition of individuals and business committed to fighting for freedom.  As the Summit continues and likeminded men and women engage in fruitful discussions about what needs to be done to win this war, the members of this coalition will finalize an action plan for turning these words into reality.

It is easy to bring the Summit to your location.  Quartermaster Marketing, a firm supporter of the Religious Liberty Summit, has a set package which includes: event day materials, banner, signs, nametags and an electronic invitation template, all for a set price of $690.00 per event.  All you need to do is secure a location and reach out to local businesses, organizations and individuals and invite them to attend the event.  The Religious Liberty Summit will assist you in finding speakers.  It is preferable to have the event underwriten by local sponsors but tickets can be sold in advance.

A Summit event can be taylored to your needs.  While the preferable Summit is a day long event, a mini-Summit can be planned for a luncheon, a 2-3 hour event or a half day.  The length of time of the Summit will impact the number of speakers but more importantly the dialogue time with the Summit members in small groups, which is a key component of the Summit.  The brainstorming sessions on the real issues impacting religious freedom and how to combat them are critical to moving the Summit forward.  Everyone has a voice and everyone will be heard.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a Summit event, please contact the Religious Liberty Summit at info@religiouslibertysummit.com.


Countdown To Victory

Join together. Fight for freedom.