Rebecca Messall

Rebecca Messall

Past CEO of the National Lawyers Association

Rebecca Messall is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Lawyers Association. She maintains a litigation practice in Colorado state, federal and administrative law courts. Recent clients have included lenders and owners with real property title disputes over lien priority, easements, boundaries, zoning, access and related matters. Other cases have involved Constitutional and election law, construction defect, real estate development and general commercial law.

She previously practiced with the Denver firm of Karsh, Fulton, Gabler & Joseph, P.C. handling litigation and curative work for insured lenders and owners under title insurance policies, and other cases involving issues such as trade secrets violations and transfers in fraud of creditor’s rights.

Her background includes seven years with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Denver and the Resolution Trust Corporation in Kansas City, where she served as litigation section chief and senior attorney, respectively.

Rebecca served as transaction attorney for the government’s take-over of institutions and also for government bid-letting on the sale of financial institutions’ assets and transfer of deposits.

Rebecca has also defended municipalities, school districts and local taxing authorities on Constitutional cases under 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983 for claims under the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

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